“Attending the Music camp was a dream for me. Not only did I learn SO much, but I made lifelong friends along the way. This experience definitely helped me in my career path and I can’t wait to do it again!” 

—  Mackenzie Fry

Who We Are

ASL Music Camp was founded by a team of ASL Music interpreters and a Deaf videographer and graphic designer. We are Amber Galloway Gallego, Kelly Kurdi, and Rocco Lauricella. We strive to include Deaf talent and local seasoned music interpreters as guest speakers at all of our camps to ensure a rich and always fresh experience for new students and those that keep on coming back!

Our Goal


It is our goal to ensure that every Deaf person in every area of the world receives equal access at music venues and in all areas of entertainment. That includes music videos, music festivals, concerts, theater performances, and anything/everything pertaining to the arts. We hope that you will take the knowledge you gain from our camp and go out and do your part to make sure access happens for our beloved Deaf community in your home town and surrounding cities! 

How You Can Get Involved

We have a scholarship program for members of the Deaf community who would like to attend our camp not for the purpose of fulfilling their dream of being a music interpreter, but would just like to attend in order to participate in the experience and begin or continue their journey as a Deaf music lover. If you would like to donate and sponsor a Deaf community member's unforgettable experience at ASL Music Camp contact us today!

We’d love to hear from you!

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